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Best Bathroom Renovation Specialists in Bunbury

We are your one-stop bathroom renovation experts in Bunbury.

A bathroom is a place of comfort, but it can also be an opportunity for transformation. Perhaps you’ve been living in the same house with the exact same layout since before your kids were born or maybe there was some damage a long time ago that never got fixed. Whatever reason you have to remodel your bathroom, doing so opens up possibilities on how we use our homes more generally.Here are some reasons why you might want to in the near future:

When you need a bathroom renovation in Bunbury, get the experts at Bathroom Renovations Bunbury on your side. Bunbury Bathroom Renovations will work with projects of any size and offer guarantees that will leave you confident about our craftsmanship for years to come.

We at Bathroom Renovations Bunbury know that when renovating a bathroom, you have to take every corner of the room into account. We are experts in our field who provide quality service no matter how big or small your project is because there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing happy customers leave after they’ve seen their finished product come alive before them. If you’re looking for someone trustworthy with plenty of experience who will work on-site at your property during every step in order to get things right the first time, then call us today at (08) 9900 9363 or get your FREE quote today!

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Why Work With Us?

We can deliver cost-effective and efficient bathroom renovation projects. We've been in the business for over ten years, so we can help make your space look awesome without costing too much!


Our builders always have the latest tools and skills to make your renovation a success. You won’t find any other company in town that will be as committed or qualified for this job, because they’re one of our best!


We have a reputation for delivering nothing but the best to our clients. Whether it’s high-quality, long lasting or cost effective, we guarantee that if you hire us then you will be satisfied with your decision.


We have the solution for you, no matter what type of project or small job. We invest in our customers needs and make sure to stay up-to-date on new trends so that your experience is as smooth as possible.


Whether it's a toilet installation, shower design or remodelling - we can take care of all your bathroom needs with our team of specialists.

bespoke bathrooms

Renovating a bathroom can be exciting and overwhelming, but the possibilities are endless. The style you pick not only affects how your bathroom looks both inside and out but also what kind of functionality it will have for its users. For example, bathrooms that look elegant or spa-like tend to prioritize relaxation while others focus on multitasking with space saving options like mobile cabinets above toilets! After picking an overall theme for your renovation project then decide how much money you want (or even need) to spend: creativity knows no bounds in this realm either since anything is possible as long as there’s fun involved!

en suite

Our en suite bathrooms are perfect for the glamourous and sophisticated. You’ll be pampered in a way that is unmatched by other companies, as our spacious ensuites have everything you could need or want! Call us today to learn more about how Bunbury Bathroom Renovations can help make your day easier – call now and see why people love working with us!

bathroom tiling

Whatever your needs are for bathroom, kitchen or hardwood flooring installation in Bunbury—you can count on our specialists to get the job done right. Whether you need expert advice with natural stone tile installations and repairs, ceramic tiles installed in bathrooms or porcelain floors laid out throughout your home- we offer a range of services that will help meet all your requirements.

Bespoke Bathroom Renovations and En Suite Remodelling in Bunbury

Bathroom Renovation Bunbury is aware that building a home can be stressful, and they know how to relieve your stress. They offer personalised service with their clients throughout the entire process of construction – from communicating ideas to discussing preferences. With Bathroom Renovations Bunbury you get exactly what you want in terms of design and style for your new bathroom! We have years worth of experience in this field so we will make sure every request or concern is dealt with promptly before moving on to the next step at hand (or one more).

We love being able to work with you every step of the way in building your dream home. We want this process of bringing a house from an idea into reality, and we are committed to providing high-quality services that fulfil our clients’ dreams. With just a few visits so far on the construction site, you can see how much has been done already! As soon as it’s ready for viewing come by anytime; don’t wait until it is finished – there will be no downtime waiting while we start again fresh because each project is different from any other one before or after and requires specific attention at all times.

Where do we build?

Bathroom Renovations Bunbury offers a variety of services including bathroom renovations, which can produce an amazing design that will exceed your expectations. You will get the quality and finish you desire as long as Bathroom Renovations Bunbury is chosen to do the job for you.

Bathrooms are unique spaces in homes because they have so many different purposes: beauty, relaxation, functionality- there’s something for everyone! This means it might not be easy deciding what type of bathroom renovation service would suit your needs best but don’t worry – with knowledgeable staff on hand who know how to create stunning designs and provide high-quality workmanship at affordable prices; this decision becomes simpler than ever before! Building with us ensures that our commitment to excellence will never fail.

Bathroom Renovations Bunbury Process

We know that no person wakes up in the morning expecting to have a subpar bathroom experience.

We’ll come to your home and answer all of the questions that need answering.

We aim to have the project set in motion as soon as you agree with our offer and sign on!

We will work with you to design your new layout, and determine the best products for it. Our bathroom designers will help you choose from our wide variety of paint colours and plumbing fittings.

The specialists will turn your home into a safe haven for you to explore different ways of renovating. They may demolish the old space and let radiant excitement fill it up with new things! Our experts know how much potential renovation has in store, so they’re ready to take on anything that comes their way through demolition or construction preparation – whether it be smashing walls down, tearing out floors and ceilings or ripping apart drywall.

Building a better bathroom is our number one priority. Once all the preparatory work has been done, you can be assured that Bathroom Renovations Bunbury will start implementing agreed strategies and designs to create your new dream bath room!

Our team of specialists will install a waterproofing membrane that is guaranteed to keep your bathroom watertight. You’ll be able to shower and bathe with peace of mind knowing you have the best protection for any leakage incidents, so there’s no need to worry about flooding anymore!

A clean bathroom is a must! Our professionals will ensure that your space is squeaky-clean before they leave, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up when we’re done!

What Our Customers Have to Say


We are your one-stop bathroom renovation experts in Bunbury.

Bathroom renovation is an exciting process. With the help of top-quality Bathroom Renovation Bunbury, you can get your dream bathroom with no stress and at a budget that suits your needs! The main reason we renovate bathrooms is to maintain them so they look great at a low cost. We also do tiling for showers or other flooring services like carpets/carpet tiles if needed, which makes our company versatile enough to handle any job from start to finish without leaving anything out in between!

Bathroom renovations are a great way to get your bathroom sink looking and feeling new again. Many homeowners prefer us because Bunbury Bathroom Renovations offer more than just the standard tiling that most companies do, such as shower repairs and flooring services too so you don’t have to worry about having all of these various contractors working on different parts of your home at once!

There are a number of ways you can design your bathroom to match the style and feel that suits you. Bold colours like red, blue, or yellow may give off an energetic vibe while white paint on walls with chrome fixtures could create more of a modern look.

The bathroom is often the most used room in a home, so it should be maintained to ensure its beauty. We offer all kinds of renovation services such as tiling and repairing showers/bathtubs. The one-stop-shop for any kind of service needed from plumbing issues upholstery cleaning etcetera).


Reliable Bathroom Renovations Bunbury

Inspirational Designs

We offer a free consultation to show you the latest in bathroom design from our professional and experienced team of experts. We provide designs that can be customized for any taste or budget, so feel confident knowing we will work with your needs no matter what they may be!

Quality workmanship

As Bunbury’s most preferred choice in bathroom renovations, we understand that having tradies in your home while you have a major renovation can be stressful. That is why our team are dedicated and professional; using only quality products to make sure the best job is done smoothly with no problems. We also specialize in water saving systems which means all of these features will be incorporated into whatever design you choose for your new bathrooms- don’t just dream about it! We are also up to date with all the rules and regulations in the industry.

Expert Information

No matter what your bathroom looks like now, if you’re tired of the peeling paint and mouldy grout or just want to update it with a new look that will be sure to turn heads, our company is here for all your residential plumbing needs. To ensure quality workmanship on each project we take care in every detail from concept design through installation, so don’t hesitate any longer!


Our luxurious designs will guarantee that you will have the en suite of your dreams!

When you want to make your bathroom the best it can be, look no further than Bathroom Renovations Bunbury. We specialize in making beautiful and functional bathrooms that are designed for whatever purpose they will serve – from upgrading countertops and fixtures, adding windows or mirrors if needed so that everything is within reach yet not overcrowded; nothing short of perfection! Our team walks through all steps with customers as we craft an environment where anyone feels comfortable during any time of day.

Get ready for your en suite to shine bright like a diamond! We work hard so our customers don’t have to. Our designs are top-notch, personalized according to each client’s needs and preferences. You’ll feel like royalty when you step into the luxury of an en suite that suits your taste exactly how it should be done: with perfection in mind!

We’re dedicated to making sure your ensuite seamlessly matches the rest of your home, using only high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. We ensure quick turnaround times while still delivering flawless results for our clients – which includes getting back in touch with us if there’s anything else needed or any additional information required upfront before starting work so no surprises later down the line!


Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to be a difficult process. The Bathroom Renovations Bunbury team is here for you and can provide the necessary services needed, from plumbing to renovations so that every aspect of your renovation project goes smoothly.

Renovation projects are oftentimes considered time-consuming or expensive – but this need not be true! With all the resources available at their fingertips, such as tools and advice on different design styles offered by experts in remodelling, homeowners will find they’re able with ease to renovate any space into an oasis without breaking too much sweat or spending too many dollars.

Not only is our team committed to providing high-quality, professional service, we also value customer service and are happy to provide advice and assistance when required. Our priority is making sure that your piping system runs smoothly so you can enjoy all the benefits of it!

Did you know that there are three different types of toilet installation? (P, S and screw-down) Luckily for homeowners with their own plumbing skills, all these installations only require a few steps. First off – if your design includes moving the toilet to another location in or outside of the house make sure that it is hooked up correctly! And don’t forget about checking what type of flooring will be implemented on top before you do any work because some floors can handle certain kinds while others might not allow an easy connection.

A bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It’s a place where you can escape to, take care of yourself and enjoy some time for yourself without interruption from anything or anyone else. But renovating this space isn’t easy! Whether it be installing new tiles on the floor, fitting out fancy basins with taps that have temperature control options or replacing old pipes under sinks – there are many things that could go wrong during these projects which need professional help if not done properly by an expert team like ours at Bathroom Renovations Bunbury .


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of remodeling your bathroom varies depending on where you are located as well as how big or small the room is. For example, if you live in Australia and have a medium-sized space to work with then expect to pay around 15000 AUD for this type of renovation. This price includes everything from labor costs, tiles, fittings, etc.; it even covers any unforeseen damage that might occur during construction!

A well-designed home is a good way to get prospective buyers through the door. Updating your kitchen or bath before you sell it could be what pushes them over the edge and makes them say, “Yes!”

When you are considering remodelling your bathroom, the first thing that springs to mind is tile. If you want a traditional style with stone flooring and white tiled walls then this can be expensive but depending on what type of material it’s made out of or whether there should be space left for shower fixtures, varies in price. You might also find tiles have different textures too so if one really stands out as being something special they could potentially add more value than others!

Re-glazing is when an old bathtub gets covered in new glaze, which can save you money on labor and installation. In some cases, it’s even cheaper than completely replacing the tub with a newer model because older models may be made of cast iron that are expensive to replace or they might have been designed for deeper baths (which also cost more). The downside? Re-glazed tubs usually need rework within 3 years — but this could depend on how much use your bathroom sees each day!

A bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 27 days depending on what weekend do you want it done! A typical project for a bathroom renovation could run as fast or slow of a pace, according the number of weekends that are included in your time frame.

We can’t guarantee your final product will be perfect, but our Free Design Consultation is the best way to help you work through ideas or find new ones.

You can save money during your bathroom remodel by refurbishing old materials. This could include everything from the flooring to hardware on doors and cabinets! On top of that, there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly remodel. You might use vinyl instead of wooden planks or paint directly onto an existing wall rather than buying drywall and painting it yourself.