Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

Traditional bathrooms can be hazardous for people with mobility issues, making it difficult or impossible for them to safely carry out daily hygiene and grooming routines without assistance. That’s where accessible bathroom upgrades help.

Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

Increase your family’s independence, privacy & quality of life.

At Pro Bathrooms, we believe in creating spaces that are accessible to everyone. Our goal is to not only improve the functionality and safety of your bathroom but also create an environment that promotes inclusivity and independence.

Our team is well-trained in universal design principles and knowledgeable about the latest accessibility products and technologies, applying our expertise to every project to ensure we design a bathroom that is functional, comfortable, and safe for our clients.





How Our Renovators Can Help

We help create a more inclusive home environment.

By utilizing universal design principles, we can create a bathroom that is functional and aesthetically pleasing for all members of your household. Our team is well-versed in incorporating universal design features such as adjustable height countertops, lever handles, and walk-in showers that can benefit individuals with varying levels of mobility and dexterity, including small children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.

The Importance of Accessibility

Accessible bathrooms are essential for promoting independence, privacy, and dignity for individuals with mobility issues. With an accessible bathroom, individuals can safely carry out daily hygiene routines on their own without relying on others. This not only boosts their self-esteem and confidence but also reduces the burden on caregivers. Moreover, accessible bathrooms can also enhance the overall safety and functionality of a home, making it easier for individuals to navigate and reducing the risk of accidents

The Hazards of Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms are designed with the average user in mind, often neglecting the needs of individuals with disabilities, injuries, or age-related limitations. Slippery floors, high bathtubs, narrow doorways, and limited manoeuvring space can pose significant safety hazards for people who have difficulty standing or walking without assistance. Furthermore, traditional bathroom designs can also be problematic for caregivers, who may struggle to assist their loved ones in a cramped space. Creating an accessible bathroom involves more than just installing grab bars and a shower seat – it requires a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration the unique needs of each individual.

Comprehensive Safety and Accessibility Solutions

Our team of experts will work with you to create a bathroom that not only meets your current accessibility needs but also anticipates any potential future challenges. We will assess your specific requirements and customize the design of your bathroom to ensure that every aspect is safe, comfortable, and functional. From widening doorways and installing non-slip flooring to incorporating accessibility features such as walk-in showers, grab bars, and adjustable fixtures, we will create a comprehensive solution that promotes independence and reduces the risk of accidents.

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