5 Excellent Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Need to Know

Whether you are starting to build a new home or remodelling your bathroom, the overall lighting in your space is vital. Even a small bathroom can instantly be transformed from basic to bling with proper lighting. The bathroom is important not just because of practical reasons. It can also be a sanctuary for short breaks and relaxation. That is why at Bunbury Bathroom Renovations, we strive to provide top-notch lighting solutions to all our customers.

Although several factors need to be prioritized during bathroom renovations, you should definitely not forget about how optimal lighting can be a total game-changer. Bad lighting can considerably make the space appear dull and gloomy, and we don’t want that! The bathroom is where we typically begin our day, and it is always better to start the day in a place with a great ambience. Therefore, it is essential to keep it well-lit at all times. Let our certified team aid you in making your bathroom look splendid with these helpful bathroom lighting ideas.

Choose bright lights with dimmers.

Always scour for the bulbs that will give you the best quality and results. Choose the light fixtures that will show the natural colour of your skin, hair and eyes. This is vital because you want to make sure that your makeup is not only on fleek inside the bathroom but also once you go outside and when you are under the natural light. Besides that, you also need proper lighting for carrying out daily tasks such as washing, shaving and showering.

However, although bright lights are an efficient choice for daily tasks, they may not be ideal if you just wish to relax in your tub. That is why bright lights with dimmers can be your go-to choice because they can be easily adjusted to suit your lighting preferences any time of the day. Moreover, you will not be limited when picking one for your bathroom because there is a lot of dimmers available for LEDs, fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Create layered lighting.

No matter how spacious or tiny your bathroom may be, having multiple light sources is always an effective way to enhance its curb appeal. Try the three layers of light and combine them strategically to suit your space. For ambient lighting or the general lighting inside your bathroom, you can opt for pendants, flush mounts and chandeliers. On the other hand, the second layer, which is the task lighting, should be installed to make daily grooming activities like applying makeup and shaving a breeze. Lastly, accent lighting is the one that will help highlight your bathroom’s décor and architectural features.

Maximize the natural light.

If you are fortunate to have a bathroom with access to ample natural light, make the most of it and install large windows. You can even have an entire wall made of sliding glass doors to have a well-lit bathroom but don’t forget to add blinds or bottom-up shades. Moreover, do not place a bathroom vanity on the opposite of your windows because the sunlight will just bounce back.

Jazz up your bathroom mirror.

Sconces or pendant lighting placed at face level on each side of your bathroom mirror are ideal for beauty and grooming tasks. You have to jazz up your vanity mirror because if you only have light sources on your ceiling, there can be shadows, splotches and lines in your face while you are applying your makeup, shaving or doing other grooming tasks.

Go bold and install a chandelier.

When you have a spacious bathroom, you can have a variety of choices to achieve the lighting you require. So don’t be afraid to maximize that space and install a stunning chandelier in your bathroom. This light fixture will not just give you the functionality you need. It can also be a unique statement piece in your bathroom.

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