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Bathroom Tiling in Bunbury

If you are looking to have your bathroom space refurbished, tiling is the first option that you will want to consider. Tiling can offer a range of choices for you to select from to meet your style and overall, the material can provide different benefits to your bathroom. Given the different conditions that your bathroom can go through, there is a popular list of tile types that you choose from.


When deciding on what kind of tile you would like for your bathroom though, it would help to consult a professional service on what would work best. At Bunbury Bathroom Renovations, you can find a range of quality options and be assured of reliable service. 

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Options and Advantages for Bathroom Tiling

For bathroom tiling, there is a list of popular choices that you can select from to best fit this space. They are as follows:

Porcelain Tiles: This is a type of tile that makes for a premium choice for your bathroom with how long-lasting it is. Not only this, but the material is water-resistant and is a more hard-wearing alternative to wood or stone surfaces.

Ceramic Tiles: One of the more affordable tiles that you can select from, ceramic tiles are easy to maintain material that can be utilized on both walls and floors while also providing a seamless look. 

Marble Tiles: Considered as a versatile tile for how it can be applied to either modern or classic designs, marble tiles are a type of tile that can bring both a premium look and feel. 

Mosaic Tiles: A type of tile that incorporates various tiling materials such as ceramic, marble, and glass. This tile can provide a unique and fashionable look for your bathroom depending on how you have it applied. 

Aside from these popular options, some alternative choices you can select for bathroom tiling are as follows: 

Limestone Tiles: A type of tile that would work for bathroom designs that involve a more natural-toned color scheme.

Slate Tiles: Though this type of tile can be considered robust in nature, it works great against any high foot traffic that your bathroom may encounter. 

Vinyl Tiles: In comparison to the other tile types noted, this tile can be found more in commercial usage but can make for a highly practical and low-maintenance material to have. 

While there are a variety of tile types that offer different features, having tiling in general for your bathroom can provide its own benefits. The material is generally more cost-effective and can offer a number of looks while also providing a reliable sturdiness. During its application process, aside from the surface preparation and tile re-sizing, there is also a waterproofing step that provides different advantages including minimization of mould/dampness and better insulation.

With the different options that are available for bathroom tiling, it is understandable that making a choice to match your style while keeping practical can be difficult. Should you decide to consult with Bunbury Bathroom Renovations, you can be assured of professionals that will assist you throughout the process.

Choosing Bunbury Bathroom Renovations To Work Your Bathroom Tiling

We at Bunbury Bathroom Renovations aim to deliver quality service with a range of options to help meet our customer’s project needs. Having years of experience under our belt on a variety of renovation projects, you can be assured our experts can help guide you towards the best options for your bathroom tiling with a hassle-free process. To learn more about our services, you can your first consultation with us via our hotline or email us for further information.